Welcome to Angelina's Weather Fronts Blog!

Welcome to Angelina's Weather Fronts Blog!
My blog is going to give you information on Weather fronts, and show you pictures to try to help you understand what I can trying to say! Which will hopeful help your understanding of weather fronts. My blog is going to describe how cold, and warm weather fronts work. It will also explain how weather fronts effects the weather.
Hope you enjoy!(:

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Cold Weather Fronts

  • What are cold weather fronts?
Well, a cold weather front is decribed as the changeover in  an area. Where the cold air is replaced with the warm air.
  • Why does the cold air replace the warm air?
Because, the cold air pushes the warm air upward.

  • What direction do cold fronts travel?
Cold weather fronts move Northwest to Southeast.

  • What is it like after a cold front?
The air that comes after cold front is cooler than the air before the frony. The cold front can make the temperature drop 15 degrees in an hour. Also the cold fronts move faster than warm fronts.

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