Welcome to Angelina's Weather Fronts Blog!

Welcome to Angelina's Weather Fronts Blog!
My blog is going to give you information on Weather fronts, and show you pictures to try to help you understand what I can trying to say! Which will hopeful help your understanding of weather fronts. My blog is going to describe how cold, and warm weather fronts work. It will also explain how weather fronts effects the weather.
Hope you enjoy!(:

Thursday, May 26, 2011


  • Fronts are boundaries between air masses of different temperatures. Fronts are actually zones of transition, but sometimes the transition zone, called a frontal zone, can be quite sharp.
  • The type of front depends on both the direction in which the air mass is moving and the characteristics of the air mass. There are four types of fronts: cold front, warm front, stationary front, and occluded front.
  • (Stationary)
    (Warm &Cold)
  • To locate a front on a surface map, look for the following:
    • sharp temperature changes over relatively short distances,
    • changes in the moisture content of the air (dew point),
    • shifts in wind direction,
    • low pressure troughs and pressure changes, and
    • clouds and precipitation patterns.
    (Not all of these patterns may be obvious or even occur, but these are some signs.)

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